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5 Facts About 1911 11th Street

5 Facts About 1911 11th Street

As many of you know (because we are just so excited about it!), the historic building at the corner of 11th Street and Walnut Street in downtown Boulder is nearing the completion of a hefty remodel. There is so much to share about this building, from its history as the former home of The Walrus Saloon (1973-2017) to its original wood headers (the stuff we real estaties geek on). After almost two years of ambitious renovations, the building approaches its debut. To mark the forthcoming occasion, we have put together a list of fun tidbits about the redeveloped property. Don’t worry, you needn’t credit us when you impress your friends with insider knowledge during your next downtown stroll.

1. Raise the Roof

To increase the ceiling height of the third floor from 8 feet to 11 feet, the roof of the third floor was quite literally cut off and raised by three feet. It was an ambitious and worthy architectural and construction endeavor.

2. Brick-by-Brick

The arches atop the garden level windows and doorway were meticulously preserved. The bricks were specially matched and restored.

3. 1895

This building has seen it all. It was built in 1895, 24 years after the city of Boulder was incorporated, 18 years after the University of Colorado was established, 5 years after the Daily Camera was founded (raise your hand if you remember when it was called the Boulder Camera?), and 1 year after the 100-year flood devastated Boulder. Love Boulder history…. we do too.

3. Leonard Strikes Again

The architect of the project is Leonard Thomas of Boulder-based Urban West, the same geniuses responsible for the superbly appointed Fate Brewery.

4. A Grainery and a Warehouse

It was originally a two-story brick warehouse built by Dr. William B. ‘Doc’ Stoddard to store grain, feed and other dry goods. Ol’ Doc was also involved in the Tungsten mining business during WW1 which was a huge industry for the town of Boulder. In 1919, William S. Craghead bought the building to run his moving and storage business out of it for more than 25 years!

5. The Next Era

The building’s eloquent new name is 19Eleven and you can be part of its special history. We are now leasing office and retail space. Contact us for a tour today!