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Market Meets Podcast
Hosted from Boulder, CO, The Market Meets Podcast introduces you to the people behind the marketplace; the owners, entrepreneurs, investors, and community leaders who are driving the real estate economy and transforming our community. Heidi and Rachel are successful commercial real estate brokers in Boulder, Colorado who work behind the scenes with business owners and landlords every day. They bear a unique insider perspective on the deals, and market trends that are happening right now and are excited to connect you with the individuals and companies that are driving the movement.
Market Meets: Martyn Church with Eco Snow Removal

Martyn is the owner of Eco Snow Removal, located in Boulder, Colorado. His unique life story adds an enriching dynamic to the world of business and life in general. Once given only a short time to live, Martyn prevailed to become a world traveler, outdoorsman and extreme sportsman. His passion for life, people and relationships is at the core of everything he does.

As a consultant, Martyn has directed programs for companies such as Merck, Tommy Hilfiger and Glaxo Smith Kline. In addition, he served as the principal contact to the investment management company, Vanguard, coaching their leaders and facilitating staff trainings on a regular basis.

As a leader, Martyn has held key positions spanning multiple fields including retail corporations, residential summer camps, educational institutions and not-for-profits. Groups of all sizes, from a small Board of Directors to a staff of over 200 young adults, have had the benefit of his dynamic, effective leadership style.

Now a successful business owner and entrepreneur, he applies his rich background and knowledge in his own business practices. His vibrant personality and charisma appeal to the masses and his story has captivated many audiences.

Special Guest: Martyn Church.

Market Meets Paul Dreyer

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M.A. in School Counseling, University of Northern Colorado

B.A. in Business Administration, University of Michigan


Born in South Africa, Paul moved to the United States as a small child, and has continued to seek out travel, adventure, and education ever since. A self-proclaimed “mercenary” educator and coach, Paul has had the opportunity to work with numerous organizations and to support a diverse spectrum of clients.  Paul has worked throughout the world as a facilitator, curriculum designer, guide, expeditionary leader, risk management consultant, staff trainer, and team builder. Currently, Paul is the CEO of Avid4 Adventure, helping support the mission to empower kids to lead active and healthy lifestyles in the outdoors.

Market Meets Ryan McCue

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Ryan has been building and creating since he was in diapers. Working with is father he gained experience in all aspects of construction and the trades. He gained a thorough understanding of the home building process and ultimately decided to continue his education and earned a degree in Real Estate and Construction Management from The University of Denver.

He has worked in Commercial, Multi-family and Single Family Residential Construction as well as being a licensed real estate broker. “I am saddened by the scale of waste in all construction industries. There is a way to build smarter and more in concert with our environment and I believe tiny homes are the solution.”

Ryan left the corporate construction industry to look for opportunities as a tiny home builder. He was immediately hooked and wanted to learn all he could about the new industry. “I wanted to know how they were building and what people were looking for in a tiny and why.”

After working with a local builder Ryan decided to break out on his own and find a way to continue to help in the tiny home movement. He discovered there were enough people looking to build their own tiny home but didn’t know everything they needed to get started or to finally complete their dreams of living tiny. Ryan started offering his services as a tiny house consultant helping those building their tiny home but needed some extra assistance and advice. Ryan quickly learned he could use his knowledge and skills in construction to support the tiny house movement in bigger ways. I want to show the world my vision of what tiny houses can offer and how they truly can change the world!

Market Meets Elkins-Hutten

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Whitney is a real estate investor and personal finance trainer whose vision is to help thousands of families on their path towards financial independence. After purchasing her first rental in 2002, and hitting a home run, then nearly losing it all on her second deal, Whitney took control and figured out how to invest in real estate the right way. She realized that success must leave clues. So, she studied and replicated the very personal finance and wealth creation strategies the wealthy use to create financial freedom. Today, Whitney is a partner in $378M+ of real estate assets, including 3,000+ residential units (MF, MHP, SFR, and assisted living) and 1,430+ self-storage. In 2018, Whitney founded Ash Wealth, where she helps you develop the mindsets, skills, and strategies you need in order to take consistent and persistent action and drive massive progress towards your real estate and financial goals.