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One Entrepreneur’s “Secret” to Success

One Entrepreneur’s “Secret” to Success

In real estate, a good CPA is worth her or his weight in gold, so we don’t toss around recommendations lightly. One CPA we stand behind is Ernest Villany and his team at Boulder Valley CPAs.

Recently, we asked Ernie, what is the secret to your success? And here is the moving answer he provided:

The secret to my success is really no secret at all. It’s my team and how we have worked to nurture and support one another.  In the eight years since I arrived in Colorado I have had the good fortune (and maybe wisdom) to attract, hire and retain some amazing people. In eight years we’ve grown from two to fifteen people. The only reason that growth was possible is because of the people I surround myself with. They have given me the strength and confidence to pursue successful, healthy client relationships, build a highly functioning practice and plan for my future, instead of reacting to the crisis of the day. Most importantly they have given me the opportunity to balance my career and my personal life, affording me the time to spend with friends and family. 

Without my team, none of what I do would be possible and therefore I work hard to put them first. From working at home, to flexible schedules, to unlimited PTO, to health and retirement benefits, I want to give my staff any opportunity to succeed and thrive. I want them to have the same work/life balance I do. They deserve it and earn it every day.  

Maybe all of that is a secret to others? All I can say is, I’m grateful to be stumbling in the right direction and there are good people to catch me when I fall.

How great is this? We have been savoring this formidable wisdom ever since and felt it just had to be shared with you all.