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Our Favorite Non-Profits in Boulder

December 10, 2019 is the annual statewide celebration that encourages community members to support charitable causes. Colorado Gives Day has always been one of our favorite days of the year, and like everything else in Boulder, there are so many incredible organizations run by incredible people. The community donations are given an extra boost from the Giving Incentive Fund which has helped nonprofits to the tune of $1.5 Million. 

Using, anyone and everyone can donate to organizations that have partnered with Colorado Gives Day. Of course, many non-profits aren’t on the website, but are still participating. 

At Market, we’re thrilled to be a part of the Boulder community and look forward to giving back wherever we can. Here are some of our favorite nonprofits and why we love them so much! 

A Precious Child 

Servicing the children and families of Denver Metro counties including Boulder, Denver, Arapahoe, and beyond, A Precious child works with over 440 Agency Partners to identify children and families in need of services and support for difficult challenges like abuse and neglect. A Precious Child focuses on building a strong foundation for the students of the Denver Metro area using things four main principles- essentials to thrive, educational empowerment, extracurricular enrichment, and gifts to celebrate. With more than 166,000 Colorado children living in poverty, A Precious Child works hard to keep the future of Colorado safe and supported. 

Community Food Share

For every one dollar that you donate to Community Food Share, three meals are provided to those who are in need of fresh, nutritious food in Boulder and Broomfield Counties. Using pillars of engagement, collaboration, and leadership, Community Food Share has been keeping Boulder fed since 1981 by partnering with local businesses to redistribute fresh food- so that everyone can feel good about what they’re eating. Not sure how you want to contribute? Community Food Share has opportunities for all kinds of donations– money, food donations, and of course, volunteered time. 

Boulder Bridge House

There is nothing in the world that can stop someone on a mission. That’s Boulder Bridge House’s motto- and it’s clear that it drives them to make significant changes and impact those who struggle with homelessness in Boulder and beyond. Using programs like Ready to Work, a work-first approach to homelessness that offers housing, work experience, and support, and Community Table Kitchen, a program that supports low-income families by providing nutritious meals, Boulder Bridge House has given it their all to make everyone who walks through their doors a shot at kicking butt. 


Not on the Colorado Giving Day website, but still great nonprofits to consider contributing to this year include Mother House and Off the Ropes

Mother House is located in Boulder and is more than shelter for women and children. It’s a program that provides the residents’ who stay there the skills, confidence, and support for a successful future. Mothers who are in crisis and the babies who are in their care can find support and resources to navigate what can be overwhelming and difficult. 

Off the Ropes is an organization that has partnered with The Corner Boxing Club in Boulder to run boxing programs, courses, and events that bring members of the community together and make boxing accessible. 

Colorado Giving Day comes just in time to get into the holiday spirit, and we hope that you can consider contributing and giving in any way that you can to the various nonprofits in Boulder that advocate and support our community!